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  • Parakeet

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    Wednesday 31st Jul, 5.05pm
    In Margate an isolated teenager forms a band and finds her voice with the help of a gang of exotic birds. A musical about finding your flock
    Price(s): £9 - £15
  • Hold On Let Go

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    Friday 23rd Aug, 8.40pm
    Alex has an encyclopaedia in his head. Luca has one on her phone. How honest are we about what we forget? Time to become memory champions!
    Price(s): £8-£10
    BSL interpretation information
    BSL Interpreter(s): Caroline Ryan
    BSL interpreter is integrated into the show, standing in different stage positions, close to the action. Performers welcome the audience in, so Caroline can introduce herself before the show begins.
  • Cardboard Citizens: Bystanders

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    Saturday 24th Aug, 11.30am
    True stories (and wild speculations) about the lives and deaths of homeless people.
    Price(s): £10-£12
    Captioning information
    We are using the Difference Engine, which delivers captions directly to audiences members’ own mobile devices.
  • Cotton Fingers

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    Saturday 24th Aug, 12.15pm
    Aoife’s hungry and bored. Cillian makes a mean cheese toastie. As boredom and hunger are satisfied in his bed, Aoife’s life changes forever.
  • For All I Care

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    Saturday 24th Aug, 1.30pm
    Clara & Nyri. Two very different women. Both having a very bad day. Unexpected connections collide in this touchingly funny one-woman show.
    Price(s): £12 - £14